• CI-ARABIC Edition, No.1/2016 appeared in the AICCE 21 Conference in Abu Dhabi, UAE, November 14-16, 2016.
  • Workshop on increasing the energy efficiency for the cement industry in the Arab region, April 2017.
  • Please follow up our website for details on training programs in 2017/2018.
  • New services for the quality control of cement.
G&W Science and Engineering is a privately-managed company of joint liability. It provides scientific consultancy in the field of building materials, mainly cement and concrete sciences. The company was founded in 1997 in Cairo, Egypt. It is the extension of the Chemical Consultant Office for Building Materials, which started its activities in 1987. The company is a member of the Arab Union for Cement and Building Materials AUCBM, as well as the German-Arab Chamber for Industry and Commerce AHK.

G&W delivers reliable scientific services based on the latest state-of-art knowledge and technologies.

E-mail : gw-group@gw-egy.com

Read more Workshop on Increasing the Energy Efficiency in the Cement Production, May 2017.


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